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I apparently have a thing for abstract faces (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).  I wrote a post for my other blog, which has confusion as its theme quite often, and I thought I’d search the net for a picture of something that epitomizes confusion.  There were lots of alright-looking pictures, but nothing was grabbing me, so I decided to do my own.  The result doesn’t give off the feelings associated with confusion, except if you’re trying to figure out why the hell I would paint something so, heck, I don’t know… strange.  Well, turns out thats just what comes out of me sometimes.  I was in full doodle mode and threw some paint on it.  What the hey, I’m not trying to sell anything, so this is what you get.

So, this isn’t “confusion”, but if you scroll over the picture it’ll say “confounded”.  That’s the name I gave the jpg file after saving to the desktop.  Couldn’t call it “confusion” ’cause it didn’t feel confused, so “confounded”… whatever.  I guess I could’ve left it as DSC01005.jpg, but there wouldn’t have been any mystery to that, now would there?

Ink and watercolor on very cheap paper


Sometimes I’ll see something so plain and ordinary, yet there’s something about it that keeps my attention just a few moments longer than usual.  I’m developing a safety program at work and there was this ordinary picture of some industrial piping on a website I was researching.  The colors weren’t vibrant like I’m usually attracted to, but they were eye-catching nonetheless.  I did a short sketch during lunch and added the color with watercolor pencils and the waterbrush pen.

Pen/Pencil Sketch w/ watercolor pencil on paper

Color Overload

This one’s been in the sketchbook for several months, but I haven’t bothered to post or comment on it.  There was this very dramatic, colorful photo I found which was the primer for this watercolor.  I loved the color, and that turned out to be more important to me than the detail.  Very cool photo.

Watercolor in the Moleskine sketchbook