Monthly Archives: September 2010

A Sketch Occurred

I’ve got two cups on my desk for writing utensils.  One, a decorated tin can that my daughter made for me, houses all my colored pencils as well as some scissors and a range of drawing pencils.  The other, a mug my wife made for me with my children’s picture and names, has all ink – highlighters, ultra fine point Sharpie markers, and regular old ink pens.

See?  There they are.  Well, they sit right next to the mouse pad, utensils within a nanosecond’s reach if necessary.  Yesterday, during a moment of pause, my right hand leapt from the keyboard and grabbed the black Sharpie pen and started sketching the first thing the eyes found – an eviscerated carcass of a pack of Trident Layers gum.  Before I knew what was happening, the pen got put back and colored pencils started filling in the white spaces.  When I finally realized what had happened, I took a picture.

Thar she blows.  Look, the sketching apparatus didn’t even bother to find a clean, unused slip of paper to mess on.  It apparently flipped over a stapled report.  Sheesh!  I hope I don’t have to bring that to a meeting, or something.  🙂  This didn’t take very long, so I was able to get back to work relatively quick.  Whew!  Good thing the apparatus isn’t a perfectionist, huh?