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Alex Mathers

My next Sketchbook Project entry is Alex Mathers (@MoonApe on Twitter). Alex is a fantastic illustrator with quite the following.  From his website:

With a degree in geography, I am a self-taught illustrator from London, living in Tokyo and born in Copenhagen in 1984. I’m currently working with the Google+ design team, amongst other projects.

I’m a fan of volcanoes, snow monkeys, electronic music, sea creatures and outer space.

I run a site for creatives called Red Lemon Club, through which I’ve self-published four books aimed at creatives and freelancers. I also run a contemporary visual arts site called Ape on the Moon.

My previous clients have included:

Saatchi & Saatchi, NY
Wired Magazine
Smith & Foulkes
Future Cinema
United Nations Environmental Programme
Popular Mechanics Magazine
Singapore Business Times newspaper

Alex is a very talented (and busy) guy, have a look at some of his work HERE.

I’ve had my hand at different mediums throughout the sketchbook, and I didn’t want there to be a bulk of one particular style.  And as much as I want to keep my portraits in the form of the Twitter follower I am depicting, Alex’s illustrative style is just something I didn’t think I could pull off in a portrait.  It is difficult to draw and paint in other folks’ style… try it.  Anyway, I was afraid I’d do Alex a large disservice, so I opted for a simple graphite wash.  Simple, but nothing I’ve tried before in this sketchbook.  Of course, the scan doesn’t help (must get a better scanner).  It looks a bit smoother in person, believe me.  So… Alex Mathers.

Alex Mathers - Graphite wash

Alex Mathers – Graphite wash

Alex, thanks for following me on Twitter!

Roc Cayard

Roc Cayard (@Roc_Cayard on Twitter) is the next page in my Sketchbook Project.  Roc is a New York based contemporary artist who uses bold primary colors. From his website:

I mostly use bright primary colors in my paintings because they have the characteristic elements to energize, uplift and promote a positive mood.


All of my paintings describe a specific mood or a reoccurring mood that I experience every now and then. Those moods can’t be precisely described with words, hence the need for me to express them thru my work. The scenes that are depicted in my paintings are split second flash thoughts that comes to mind when I’m in a certain mood. The specific colors that I use also help calibrate the level of energy and mood in each character and sometimes certain colors are used to identify a specific character by individuality, role or by profession.

His work is VERY energetic, and you’re left wondering exactly what he may have been thinking/feeling during each painting. It’s really wonderful art!

I wanted to keep his portrait very simple, reflective of his work, and stay with the primary color scheme he uses in most of his paintings.  I was a bit disappointed with the colors I had to work with because they weren’t as vibrant as what he uses, especially my green.

Take a few minutes to soak in his work. You won’t be disappointed.  And now… Roc Cayard.

Roc Cayard - Acrylic

Roc Cayard – Acrylic

Roc, if you get around to reading this, thanks for following me on Twitter.  I’m a HUGE fan!


Next in the Sketchbook Project is @SwarezArt, a brilliant artist from the UK. He’s a very recent Twitter follower of mine (actually, a follow-back – thanks, man!), but I was so enamored by his work I just had to paint him.

His influences include Jackson Pollack, Joan Mitchell, and Trevor Bell, and you can definitely see those influences in his work. Swarez (sorry, I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t find a proper name) has a number of social links, so I’ll share them here as well:

Now, for the goods… I wanted so badly to do a drip painting that would manage to capture a bit of his style. However, once I started, I quickly realized that drip painting was much (MUCH) better suited for larger-scale work, unlike this small 5 x 7 sheet of sketchbook paper.  Nevertheless, I was able to flick the paint instead, which gave it a drip(ish) feel.  I was happy with the result, but you really should check out his work… much better!

Thanks, Swarez, for following!


Rob Adams

Next in the Sketchbook Project sketchbook is Rob Adams – aka RobAdamsArtist on Twitter.  Rob is a Detroit-based artist, with some stunning work.  He’s also the founder of the Hard Work and Dedication movement, or HWAD, thus the “HWAD” on the bandanna covering his mouth below. Read more about Rob from his website HERE.

He does a lot with spray paint, and I really wanted to recreate some of that feel with the piece I was going to do on him, but spray paint just isn’t practical with a 7 x 5 piece of sketchbook paper.  So while I was sketching out the drawing, it just sort of grew into a pencil drawing, which I haven’t done for this sketchbook project yet.  It worked out, and I actually like the contrast it brings to his work.  Sort of balances, I think.

And here’s Rob!

Rob Adams - pencil drawing

Rob Adams – pencil drawing

Rick Myers

The next Sketchbook Project entry is a monochromatic watercolor of Rick Myers (@RickM on Twitter), the founder and CEO of Talent Zoo –  Rick follows a TON of folks, and has over twice as many followers as those he follows!  Busy guy, I’m guessing.

I’m not sure how he came to follow me, but since he is, he’s a target, right?  I warned him beforehand, and he thought it was cool, so I hope I don’t disappoint.

I started out with a rough sketch…



I sat in my “studio” for a long time staring at this.  What the heck now?  Well, he’s a Buckeye fan, so I saw a link there.  Urban Meyer is coaching their football team, after leaving my favorite team, the Florida Gators (not cool, Urban!).  Anyway, I figured I’d color him in all blue, and do the lettering in orange with a white background.  GOOOOO GATORS!  Oh yeah!

Rick Myers, the reluctant Gators fan,

Rick Myers, the reluctant Gators fan

Hey Rick, thanks for being a great sport, and thanks for following!  I’ll stand out in that crowd of 62,000 for at least my 15 minutes of fame, eh?  🙂  Had fun with it, man.  Thanks again.

Lena Levin

My next Twitter follower to be permanently enshrined in the infamous Sketchbook Project sketchbook is Lena Levin, or @LenaLevin_paint as she’s known on Twitter.  She’s a fantastic painter with some great influences… from her website:

Van Gogh remains, and will probably remain forever, the single most important painter in my life, with Rembrandt and a much less famous Russian painter, Pavel Filonov, quite close by.

When you see her work, you’ll definitely see those influences, but with a beautiful twist.  A wonderful mix of bold color and confident brush strokes.  And she’s a DOCTOR to boot!  Amazing!

Another attempt at a mashup here.  Her Twitter profile picture, and her color sense and brush work.  Recreating her style is not easy, and you can see I didn’t even come close.  But, as with all the portraits so far, I really enjoyed it.  Thanks for following, Lena!

Lena Levin: acrylic in the Sketchbook Project sketchbook

Lena Levin: acrylic in the Sketchbook Project sketchbook

Hybrid Vigor

My next Twitter follower to grace the pages of my Sketchbook Project sketchbook is @HybridVigorFilm.  It’s the Twitter handle for some folks making a crowd-funded movie in Latvia.  From their website:

A mysterious girl is found living in a forest in Latvia. After being captured by the police she is taken to a mental institution in Riga. She doesn’t speak, but seems to understand everything. She doesn’t sleep, but never acts tired. Who is she and where is she from? Could she be connected to the disappearance of a little girl in the same area 20 years earlier? Most important, is she dangerous?

Hybrid Vigor is a film about life, death, violence, morality, immortality, love, and loss in the USSR during Soviet times and in present day Latvia. The film stars Velta Buka and Jevgenija Mirosnicenko. It’s written, produced and directed by Brandon Fowler. We are currently shooting on location in Latvia.

Brandon and crew seem to be putting together what looks to be a very good film, and I can’t wait to see it.  So here’s the entry in the sketchbook:

Hybrid Vigor - watercolor in the Sketchbook Project sketchbook

Hybrid Vigor – watercolor in the Sketchbook Project sketchbook

Thanks, Brandon, for the follow, and good luck with the film!

Other sites for Hybrid Vigor: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram