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Simon de Pury

I have to be honest, I’m a tad lost now that the Sketchbook Project is no longer a constant companion.  It’s going to be digitized (scanned), so I’ll post a link when that happens so you can see the whole shootin’ match.

I can’t seem to move on to bigger, more permanent, pieces, so back into the Moleskine I go.  Really, that’s the only thing I can get time to draw/paint in because I’m just so danged busy these days.

I follow Simon de Pury on Twitter and Instagram, and he posted a picture he took at a DLD conference (not sure what that is) that I thought would be a cool painting.  So I replied to his tweet that I was going to paint it.  Simon knows me… we go way back.  No, no, that’s a lie.  Simon knows me like he knows Adam’s house cat, as the saying goes.  Anyway, I painted it… in my Moleskine.

Painting of Simon de Pury's tweet: India Ink and acrylic in the Moleskine sketchbook

Painting of Simon de Pury’s tweet: India Ink and acrylic in the Moleskine sketchbook

I still think it’s a cool photo.  Maybe I can make a bigger one sometime.

Wyatt and Owen

Well, I didn’t EXACTLY follow my Sketchbook Project rule of only painting/drawing my Twitter followers.  I made room for my family as well.  Here is a watercolor of our son, Wyatt…

Wyatt - watercolor

Wyatt – watercolor

I wasn’t particularly happy with it because I was REALLY rushing to finish this notebook and get it sent off by the 15th.  I made it, but the portraits of our daughter, and my wife were extremely substandard – to the point of being too embarrassing to show here.

Anyhow, next is our son, Owen…

Owen - watercolor

Owen – watercolor

Now that the Sketchbook Project is over, I’m struggling with keeping up my practice work.  I’ve broken out the Moleskine sketchbook, and switched to Copic markers and a Sharpie pen.  Maybe I’ll put those up next.  Until then…


Janice Tanton

Next in the Sketchbook Project is Janice Tanton (@JanTanton on Twitter).  Jan is a magnificent Canadian artist, with a sharp wit.  Her website is chock full of stuff – check it out.  She is a wonderful writer as well.  Take some time today and have a look.  You won’t be disappointed.

Jaince Tanton - Watercolor & India Ink

Jaince Tanton – Watercolor & India Ink

Forgive me for being so brief, but this danged sketchbook must be postmarked TODAY!  Gotta rush to get it out.  Thanks for following me on Twitter, Jan!

Arosha Taglia

Next in my Sketchbook Project is Arosha Taglia (@AroshaDesign on Twitter), an Italian-born renaissance man, of sorts.  From his website:

Designer, painter, art director, sculptor and digital artist Arosha, believes that real creativity refuses closed boundaries and has to join the courage of an exploration with the playful soul of a child.
Born and raised in Italy, where he graduated from the renewed School of Design and Applied Arts of Torino, Arosha now lives in Israel after the meeting with Gili, his partner in life and the marketing manager of their online venues.

Arosha is an extremely talented designer of some wonderful jewelry. Please visit his site and Etsy shop and browse around… you know, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.  Don’t be caught off guard!  🙂

Thanks, Arosha, for following me on Twitter!

Arosha Taglia - India Ink

Arosha Taglia – India Ink

Alice Pyne


Rarely does an interaction with someone touch me so deeply as it has with little Alice.  I’ve followed her for a couple years, and when she posted this tweet, I knew I had to put her in my sketchbook.



So I tweeted her to let her know…



She tweeted back…
I finally posted the entry you see below on January 11th.  The very next day I saw this on Facebook:
My heart dropped.  Little Alice, you have touched so many, and have imprinted thousands with your love of life.  You will not soon be forgotten.
Next in my Sketchbook Project is a beautiful young woman from the UK, Alice Pyne (@Alice_Pyne on Twitter).  This one was tough.

Alice is 17 years old, and has terminal cancer in the form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  From her blog:

G. Roger Denson

The next page in my Sketchbook Project is G. Roger Denson (@GRogerDenson on Twitter).  Roger is a busy guy!  From his Wikipedia entry:

G. Roger Denson (born 1956) is an American journalist, art critic, theoretician, novelist, and curator. A regular contributor to Huffington Post, his writings have also appeared in such international publications as Art in AmericaParkettArtscribe InternationalFlash ArtCultural PoliticsBijutsu TechoKunstlerhaus Bethanien,Artbyte, “Art Experience”, Arts MagazineContemporaneaTema CelesteM/E/A/N/I/N/GTrans>Arts, Culture,MediaThe New York Times and Journal of Contemporary Art. He has published criticism and commentary on such international artists as Terrence MalickKathryn BigelowHiroshi SugimotoSigmar Polke,Andres SerranoYvonne RainerSarah CharlesworthCindy ShermanJack SmithPhilip TaaffePat SteirShirin NeshatMarilyn MinterRenée Green, John Miller,Robert LongoAshley BickertonNayland Blake, Tishan Hsu, Liz Larner, Gilbert and George, Barbara Ess, Robert RymanDan FlavinGeneral IdeaJules Olitski, Lydia Dona, Maura Sheehan, Jimmy De SanaDan Graham, and Richard Artschwager.[1]

Denson has written on the criticism of Thomas McEvilley (with republished essays by McEvilley) in Capacity: History, the World, and the Self in Contemporary Art and Criticism, currently issued by Routledge, (originally Gordon & Breach).[2] Denson’s monographs and catalogues include Dennis Oppenheim, (Fundacao De Serralves, Portugal);[3]Hunter Reynolds: Memento Mori, Memoriter, (Trinitatiskirche, Cologne); Michael Young: Predella of Difference, (Blum Helman, New York). And in the book by Robert Morris (artist)Continuous Project Altered Daily: The Writings of Robert Morris (October Books, MIT Press), Denson has contributed to the chapter, “Robert Morris Replies to Roger Denson (Or Is That a Mouse in My Paragon?) ”.[4]

He’s all over the place!

I would LOVE to have a cuppa joe with this guy!  Alas, NY is so far away from Atlanta, plus booking a 10-min coffee with him would probably dent his entire day.  Ha!

Right.  Well, I’ve tried all sorts of mediums in this sketchbook project, but haven’t broken out the conte crayons.  Until now, that is.  As with most other mediums, I think it would’ve worked much better on a larger scale (larger than this 5″x7″ anyhow).  It was a bit rushed, and the holidays were buzzing, and we moved in the middle of all that.  All excuses, I know.  Time is running short on completing this sketchbook, so I’m off to the next one.

Roger, man, thanks for following me back!  It was a pleasure, I’m sure, to have ME following you first!  😉

G. Roger Denson: Conte Crayon

G. Roger Denson: Conte Crayon