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Sketch-Painting: Soon to be no more

This is a fanciful view of the place I work as seen from a picnic bench across the parking lot.  It developed from the bush in center stage.  I won’t tell you all the materials I used, but pen and watercolor were a couple.

This place, currently for sale if you’re interested, will close the doors at the end of the year.  All of us will be replaced by low-cost versions of ourselves in Durango, Mexico.  It’s funny because one of the many slogans this international company uses is, “One for All, and All for One”, and talks about the “family”.  Bee Ess!  I’m not bitter, though… things always work out… ALWAYS.  It’s been a fun ride.  Also, I might have never made this piece otherwise.

A View From the Bush - Ink, watercolor, etc, on paper

A View From the Bush - Ink, watercolor, etc, on paper


Landscape w/ Pen & Markers

Nothing to do during lunch again, so I started my favorite lunchtime activity – doodling.  As usual, this didn’t start out to be anything other than colored markings on a 3″ x 3″ card.  You know how it goes… after a while you think, “hmmm…. this could be a pond, and this could be a tree…”  It was fun.  Enjoy.

Pen & Markers on 3" x 3" Card

Pen & Markers on 3" x 3" Card

Colored Pencil Sketch of Senanque

There was an article in USA Today several weeks ago that talked about famous chefs’ inspirational travels.  In the article there was a photograph of an Abbey with neat rows of lavender in full bloom.  The caption said it was in Senanque, France.  This sketch was done with colored pencils at my desk during lunch.  I’d love to see it in person one day.

Abbey at Senanque

Abbey at Senanque: Colored Pencil on Paper

Oil Pastel Abstract Impressionism

Everything has to have a name, doesn’t it?  I wasn’t sure what this style is called, but “abstract impressionism” sounds good.  I haven’t studied art history, although I have read much about a good number of artists who fascinate me.  This piece is another larger sized oil pastel on paper that changed directions many times throughout it’s evolution.  I really love the bright colors.  They feel vibrant and alive.  As with most of my work, there’s no special meaning behind anything you see.


Tree: Oil Pastel On Paper

Oil Pastel Painting of Toys

This is the very first oil pastel I attempted.  The pastels took some getting used to, but I ended up really liking working with it.  This was an impromptu arrangement of some of my son’s toys.  This is also one of the largest pieces I’ve made.


Toys: Oil Pastel on Paper

This Could Have Been a VERY Busy Piece…

I did this on my lunch break today.  All I had was colored pencils, and a whole lot of nothing in my head.  I sat in front of this piece of paper for probably 10 minutes before I made the first stroke.  It’s weird how I get the unshakable urge to draw, but I haven’t got a clue what to do.  This is what evolved in the 20 minutes that were left.  I could’ve added to this for hours, making something that would take a long time to soak in.  Not very impressive, but colorful, huh?

1, 2, 3, 4

Doodling Carried Away

I’ve had this 3″ x 3″ card hanging on a corkboard behind my desk at work for a while.  It was something I did while on a phone conference.  Just a drawing of a face at first, but I can’t stand anything to be “normal”, so I had to jazz it up.  Think I may have went a little too far… or maybe not far enough.

Doodle Face

Abstract Face: Pen & Markers on 3" x 3" Card