Monthly Archives: May 2012

Afternoon Snack

Took a brain break at my desk. Peanuts & coffee. What a combo.


The Mystery Project

Finally, I’ve planted my Mystery Project. The theme was “If tomorrow came yesterday”. Look back a few posts and you’ll see more detail.

After many false starts, my wife suggested I leave it on the square – McDonough, Georgia. I hope it finds a good home, and would LOVE to hear from the new owner. It was fun.




Not sure what’s up with the portrait paintings here of late.  I’ve decided I like painting with loose strokes, and just letting the paint flow where it wants to instead of being so tight and controlling.  Playing with color is fun, and I’m much less inhibited than I have been in the past, which is REALLY nice!  Now these won’t end up in the Louvre, but I’m having fun with them.

As usual, the scanner I’m using is way off in color and contrast, so I try to match it manually using, and that usually goes… OK, I guess.  Still, this one’s a bit off the original.

Meet my much-more-beautiful-than-I-could-EVER-portray-in-art wife, Kelly:

Some Girl

Messed around again during lunch in the sketchbook.  I’ve gotta graduate to making stuff I can put on the walls, huh?  Just not very practical during lunch, which is really the only time I get to do these kinds of things.  Ooohh… bring a portable art studio with me to work!  Maybe… just maybe.

Meanwhile, the latest: Some girl…

Mystery Project

I signed up with Art House Co op to do the Mystery Project.  They sent me a Prismacolor Premier brush pen, black, and a theme, “If tomorrow came yesterday”.  My job was to make something connected to that theme, then to drop it off somewhere so a stranger could happen upon it, taking a photo and posting it on Facebook as proof.

What in the heck do I do with “If tomorrow came yesterday”?  Good ol’ Google to the rescue.  Turns out, there’s a poem by a guy named Robert Godwin that talks exactly about that.  I can’t find a link anywhere to this guy so I can ask permission to use his words, and thank him personally for having it out there.  Long shot, but if any of you know said Robert Godwin, please have him contact me through this blog.

Anyway, I don’t know why Einstein figured so prominently in this, but here he is, in caricature.  It’s based off a photo of him laughing, which I thought went well with the poem (seems I’m twisted, no?).  Anyway, here it is… what I’ll be dropping off at my favorite, local, high-dollar restaurant (I’ll give the name when I get permission to do the deed – check back).


Last year I printed out a few black and white photos from the web that I thought would be neat to draw.  This was one.  I’ve started following a very talented sketchbook artist on Tumblr, who inspired me to attempt what he does: portraiture with a ballpoint pen.  Mission accomplished… sort of.

I think I did a pretty good job with the ballpoint part, but, as always, I can’t leave well enough alone.  Well, here’s what happened:

Watercolor in the Moleskine sketchbook

I started adding black watercolor, so it was all black & white for a while, then I got bored with that.  It needed some color, so I just went crazy.  Not too terribly disappointed with the outcome, I must say.  Catches the eye, doesn’t it?  🙂