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Johan, pt 2

This is the final product of my next Sketchbook Project entry. Once again, Mr. Johan Lindeberg.


Johan, pt 1

This is the beginning of the second entry in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. I shouldn’t be drawing/painting Johan Lindeberg because he no longer follows me on Twitter (see THIS post). But he’s a very cool guy and I like his whole black & white thing.

Check back to see the finished product. It’ll be black & white. Duh!



I finally have started my Sketchbook Project sketchbook.  I think I’ve settled on the theme of “Twitter followers”.  I mentioned that in a tweet a few months ago, and got a reply from @belindafireman almost immediately.  She followed me for that reason.  Well, that settled it… Twitter followers it is.

It took a while to get going because I replaced the cheap paper that was in the book with a little bit better, 90lb watercolor paper, and I couldn’t find a way to staple the danged thing together.  Fixed that last week, and figured I better get going.

Anyway, since Belinda was my muse… AND she followed me just because I said I was gonna do this, she was my obvious choice to lead the parade of pages in the sketchbook.  So, without further delay… Belinda Fireman!


Belinda Fireman. Watercolor, india ink, acrylic, in the sketchbook project sketchbook.

Be sure to check her out – she’s a fabulous artist!

Her, Too

Yet another portrait… of sorts.  This one started out as a monochromatic watercolor.  Can you tell which color it was?

I never know when to finish something, so I end up putting it away for a couple days, then I peek at it for a few seconds and put it back up.  Later on I’ll stare at it for a longer period of time, then put it back up.  Today, during lunch, I went back over it with blue, and I just wasn’t happy with that at all, so I added some other colors in there and decided to outline it in ink.  The brush pen was a painfully slow way to do this, but thankfully I had a jar of India ink in my backpack, so I tackled it with that and a large brush, going back later with a small brush for the details.  Et voila!

Watercolor and India ink on 90lb paper


I’m usually sketching/painting during my lunch hour, but for whatever reason I’m just not that into it lately. This one, for example, has taken a week just to get motivated enough to finish. But you know how this goes… it never really feels quite finished. Again, though, it IS just a sketchbook. On to the next page.