Abstract Pastel

I sat down one evening, intent on doing something abstract, and this is what happened.  I love abstract art, but I don’t seem to do it well.  I lack the freedom to just do whatever comes up, which is how I see abstract art.  It shouldn’t be premeditated, or follow convention, but should be about feeling and flow and energy.  This one started that way, but I quickly felt the need to make it all fall into neat little lines and color schemes.  Overall, I was pleased with the end result until I decided to apply a fixative.  Pastel is a marvelous medium, but applying fixative dulls the colors.  If anyone knows of a fixative that doesn’t change the color, please let me know.

Crazy Head

Abstract Head: 9"x12" Pastel on Paper


5 thoughts on “Abstract Pastel

  1. msayers Post author

    Thank you very much. The “+” over the mouth is actually a cross if you look at it sideways. Its an inside commentary on my part having to do with organized religion. I guess he’s kind of mouth-shackled.

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    1. msayers Post author

      Ha! Shawl do. It was MUCH more colorful than this, meaning brighter, before I sprayed fixative on it. That was a major letdown because I LOVED the color before. Now? Eh. So, big tip… if you use chalk pastels, don’t spray fixative on it unless you want it to dull down quite a bit. Or… maybe you know of a fixative for pastel that won’t do that?


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