Face in the Cabinet

On vacation, shortly after being let go because of cheap Mexican labor… wait, that’s just awfully wrong of me.  Let me start over.  I was laid off from the company I worked for for almost fourteen years because a business decision was made to consolodate US operations in a more beneficially accommodating labor wage structure in the Mexican state of Durango.  Honestly, I got to meet a lot of the people that would be taking my place.  Lovely, amazingly friendly, and mostly green people.  God bless them all, they had nothing to do with the business decision, but they had to play catch up, and for not a lot of pay.  Such is the current business playground.

Nothing against the company I worked for, however.  They treated us all very well, and prepared us for what was going to happen.  We really were treated more fairly than most, and for that I am much appreciative.  Way to take care of your people!  It just chaps me because it’s costing more for them to do business down there than it would’ve cost to keep it where it was.  What if?  What a wasted question that is.

Well after I was given my marching papers, we decided we’d go on a much needed vacation.  I took a lot of my art supplies guessing I’d have a lot of inspiration to pick from.  Isn’t this funny?  While looking at the kitchen cabinets, the knots in the wood seemed to etch out a face.  I filled in the empty space with imagination and this is what came of it.

Face in the knots

Face in the knots


The knots in the cabinets in our vacation spot.

The knots in the cabinets in our vacation spot.

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