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Funny Face

I wanted an interesting face to draw/paint, so I Googled “funny face”, and I was drawn to a certain black and white photo of a man contorting his face just so.  I thought, “That’ll do”, broke out a piece of ACEO and a brush pen, and went at it.  Of course black and white won’t do, so I added a touch of color.  Here he is:

Brush pen and watercolor on ACEO

Brush pen and watercolor on ACEO


I haven’t seen or talked with my dad since sometime in the mid 90’s.  We had a falling out.  He passed away in 2003 at the age of 59, alone – well alone in the sense that he had no family around.  He was in his childhood hometown, Placerville, California, and his brother lived in Pollock Pines, and his father in Sacramento.  I assume he had friends at the assisted living home he was in at the time, but he greatly valued family, and none were present when he died.  I still feel great remorse at the fact that I couldn’t be a better man for not talking to him for years.  It goes back a few years, though – our history.

He left mom for another woman in 1976.  I was 7 years old, my brother was 4, pushing 5.  Our world collapsed on us, and we ended up moving from San Jose, CA clear across the continent to Jacksonville, FL, where mom was from.  We flew out to San Jose the next Summer (’77) and visited for a couple months.  The next time I would see him would be after I graduated boot camp 10 years later.  My brother had to wait until my first marriage in 1991 before he saw dad again.

Reconnecting was awkward after so many years.  We barely remembered him.  I can’t imagine how that must’ve been for him, our father.  He had an anyeurism burst in his brain, and nearly died shortly after he left mom.  He changed after that.  He was cantancerous and bull-headed.  One day, I took it the wrong way, and that was the last time I spoke to him.  I’m sorry, dad.  Turns out I was bull-headed, too.

He and his second wife adopted a little boy, who I am now fairly close with, although he lives in CA and I in GA now.  We both made it to his funeral in ’03, where he met my younger brother for the first time.  They both got along amazingly… so much alike, they were.

My blood brother ended up killing himself in 2006, almost a year after being my best man in my wedding to the absolute best woman I ever knew.  I miss him terribly.  He was my best friend.

Grandpa outlived them both, passing away in 2012 at the age of 93.  I got to see my adopted brother again then, and we enjoyed our time together in Sacramento for the funeral.

A couple weeks ago, he texted me a photo of our dad.  It looks to be about the late ’80s; about the time he and I first re-connected.  Today during lunch I used that photo to practice with my brushpens, and it turned into this.  Not too serious an attempt, but better than sketching (as that’s how it all started).

Brushpens, watercolor, and charcoal on pressboard backing.

Brushpens, watercolor, and charcoal on pressboard backing.


Here’s another mini-portrait on the back of a business card (my niche).  It was modeled after a photo of Bill Murray from the web (photo credit to Ben Margo – AP).  The business card, being so narrow, makes me tend to elongate heads.  So, it ends up not looking a heckuva lot like Bill Murray (sorry, dude).  Here are the process shots…

Began with a light sketch

Began with a light sketch

Inked in with Pentel brushpens

Inked in with Pentel brushpens

Finished off with watercolor

Finished off with watercolor

Steve Mac

Boy, twins are a lot of work!  The lack of output here on this blog is mostly due to the business (read, busy-ness) of taking care of infant identical twin girls.  Oh, but do I love them immensely!  I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world, or all the art in it.

I do, however, use that as a crutch… an excuse of sorts because I am able to do some things in short spurts.  For example:

"Steve": Kuretake #8 brush pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card.

“Steve”: Kuretake #8 brush pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card.

This was done in about 15-20 minutes, just after the boys had their baths and were watching TV before bed time, so there are opportunities for me to be creative.  I just have to resolve to take advantage of them.

Anyway, I think I may have found a niche here.  I could offer to paint quick, 5-15 minute, miniature portraits on the backs of business cards for a small sum – free shipping, of course.  Set up a website, draw some traffic.  Yeah, maybe so.  Thoughts?

Why So Blue?

Right after dinner is a good time to doodle, if I’m gonna do it at all.  Before that, I’m usually doing the dishes, then cooking dinner.  Usually, I’ll have right at 45 minutes, to an hour after dinner and before giving the boys a bath, and if I’m quick, I can get a bit in – usually in the sketchbook.  This night was no different.

I got out the Speedball India ink and the dip pen & nibs, and used my daughter as a facial model to sketch out the face.  I used a small brush to paint in some of the thicker lines, and to fill in a bit.  After that, just went crazy with the color.  I like painting like this.  No care for color choice, other than BOLD.  Things flow so much more freely when I don’t seem to care about the outcome.  There’s a lesson somewhere in there, I think.

India ink and watercolor in the Moleskine sketchbook

India ink and watercolor in the Moleskine sketchbook

New Artist Pens

I don’t have much to show lately. We’re expecting twin girls in August, so it’s been a bit busy around the house. And at work? Forget it! I’ve been limited to the sketchbook, and even then, not so much. But I wanted to say “hey” and let you know I’m still alive. 🙂

I follow Urban Sketchers, and in their “Art Supplies We Like” I found a set of pens I thought I’d try out: Faber-Castell PITT artist pens

After the purchase, I had a go with ’em. Here’s what happened:

Faber-Castell PITT pens and watercolor in my Moleskine sketchbook

Faber-Castell PITT pens and watercolor in my Moleskine sketchbook

The 2 characters in the upper right-hand corner are some Skylanders dudes my boys wanted me to draw. Fun!

Jay Carney

I’ve been sick with the flu for almost a week now.  Laid up in bed, sleeping, watching lots of House of Cards on Netflix (great show, by the way).  Anyway, it’s my first day back at work, and what do I do during lunch?  Yup… draw.

I saw this funny-face photo of Jay Carney online a couple weeks ago and saved it to my phone.  Today, while watching yet another episode of House of Cards, I thought I’d whip out my old business cards and start doodlin’.  And here’s what happened…

Jay Carney - Sharpie pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card during lunch.

Jay Carney – Sharpie pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card during lunch.