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Monochrome Portrait

So I had the incredible urge to paint today, and inspiration… well, inspiration was lacking a bit.  Funny how those two, urge and inspiration, rarely appear together for me.  I fumbled around the office for a few minutes – the lunch hour was quickly slipping by – and I found this black-and-white photo I’d doctored up of a guy I work with, Michael.  I enhanced it for contrast so that there wasn’t too much in the way of shades of grey.  Anyway, I thought I could do that in under an hour in the ol’ Moleskine.  My watercolor set doesn’t have black, so I went with the darkest color I had… brown.  Hell, there may even be a technical name for it… OK, hold on, I’ll find out…  “burnt umber”.  Of course!  Why shouldn’t I have known that?

So here it is, one simple, monochrome portrait of Michael.  (He doesn’t even know I’ve done this… shhhh…)

"Michael": Watercolor in Moleskine

The Tree

Another page from the latest sketchbook.  I thought maybe at one point that this would be something I’d want to do a painting a day in, but… it just ain’t gonna happen.  Not saying that nothing remarkable happened this weekend, because I was home, which was WONDERFUL, and what may be mundane to some, home life is certainly not mundane for me.  I love being with my family!  And especially this time of year.

So, what did happen this weekend was that we decorated the tree.  Honestly, I did nothing in the way of decorating.  Actually, Kelly did it all.  I was in charge of untangling the hooks for hanging ornaments with.  We put them into ziploc baggies and they’re a tangled mess by the time we break them out again.

The tree plumped up nicely after being released from the shackles of that fishnet plastic it came home in.  And, boy is it thirsty!  (On the side… since it’s been cut from it’s original root system, is it technically “dead”, or is the fact that I’m giving it water, and it’s still “drinking” allowing me to still call it “alive”?)  Anyway, I circled that tree for at least five minutes looking for something to paint in this sketchbook.  Nothing stuck out but this.  I’m not finished with it, but I don’t really know if I’ll ever finish it.  What the heck?  It’s a SKETCHBOOK!  I’m a damned nut!  Stupid perfectionist.  I swear!

Started Another Sketchbook

We went to Hobby Lobby the other day and, while ostensibly there to find Christmas garland, you have to know I can’t go into a place like that without visiting the art section.  Turns out there was a huge sale going on, as if that really mattered, and, lo and behold, I found a 5 1/2″ x 8″ Strathmore, 140lb watercolor sketchbook for a reasonable price.  I have more sketchbooks and watercolor paper than I know what to do with.  Hell, my Molskine sketchbook, which I should be using almost exclusively for “sketching”, is hardly ever being opened.  What did I need this damned sketchbook for?

I found a reason.  I was waiting around for a nurse to come to the house to take my blood and vitals for an insurance thingy, when this book spoke to me.  “Daily journal”, it whispered.  OK, fine!  I went with it.  The photo below is the first page.  Hardly a piece of art, huh?  Well it’s expressive, and there’s a WHOLE lot of meaning behind what you see, which I won’t be delving into here.  I’ll say this, however, then let your imagination run with it, cool?  I have an ex-wife, and we have a daughter together.  Each year since the divorce, we’ve pretty much ignored the court-ordered Christmas vacation visitation schedule and have instead opted for a series of back-and-forth negotiations that would make Hillary Clinton proud.  It’s a bit more tense this year for other reasons…  There.  That’s all ya get.  Now don’t ask, OK?




Alright.  Now that was yesterday morning, and a full explanation is hand-written on the back.  Maybe, once I’m dead and gone, and perhaps famous for something other than art (obviously), these pages will be on display, or fetch a handsome ransom, then donated to a high-dollar museum.  In either case, maybe you’ll get the chance to get up close and read them and go, “Ahhh… I get it.”  Until then… suffer.  🙂

Next, is the one from today.


The Third



Pretty cut-and-dried.  What you see is the highlights from the day.  Got blood drawn from my arm (so did our one-year-old by the way – another story), went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, got a Christmas tree, then had a glass of Merlot (Casillero de Diablo, if you must know).  I haven’t got a clue what will be in there as a result of the events of today.  As of yet, nothing remarkable has happened that I absolutely must draw.  Whatever it is, don’t count on it being put up here sometime tomorrow.  It’s the weekend, and it’s gonna be a full one.

Until next time.  Ciao!