Monthly Archives: September 2011

Updated Bell-headed Sailor

Added some color to the “doodle” from yesterday.  Who knows where this is going.

Bell-headed Sailor Toon

I doodle a heckuva lot more than I draw and paint.  And I NEVER doodle in my sketchbook, which is EXACTLY where all this kind of thing should happen.  I’ve mentioned it before, but there’s this phobia I have of putting something in a sketchbook, or on a blank piece of paper, or on a canvas, and messing it up.  Regular ol’ notebook paper, napkins, cardboard, business cards?  No problem at all.  I’ll just drop ink and graphite all over the damned place.  That’s what this was…

This is a scanned version, and if you look carefully enough you can see the faintest hints of the lines in the paper.  It was drawn on a 8 1/2″ x 11″ canary legal pad, but I scanned it in black-and-white, then erased as much of the lines as I could with Sketchbook Pro.

Anyway, what I should do is do more of this in the Moleskine sketchbook.  Gotta conquer my fear of dorkin’ up a page in that damned notebook.  Heaven help me!