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Starting without an end in mind: Abstract graphite on paper

One of the things I really love about art is how creative you can be with it.  Sometimes I just feel like being creative.  I’ll walk around the house with nothing but the urge, and it gets frustrating because I can’t decide on a focus for it.  This piece came out of one of those creative episodes in which there was no focus in the beginning.  It’s about 7 years old, and it was made during a difficult time of my life when I needed a medium to shift my attention to once in a while.  As with most of my stuff, this has no hidden meaning, no inspiration, no message.  Just an evolution in creation on a piece of paper.

Graphite on Paper

Infinity: Graphite on Paper

Abstract Pencil, Ink, & Acrylic

This another art class project from 1994.  The goal was to morph an ordinary object into an abstract representation.  I chose a kitchen utensil from the drawers.  Don’t know what it’s called, but the drawing on the left is the realistic version.  The middle one is a stylized version, and the one on the right is the abstract version.  I had a good time with this.

14"x17" Pencil & Ink

Noodles: 14x17 Pencil, Ink, & Acrylic

Emotions in Pencil & Ink

Here’s a piece that’s a tad over 14 years old.  I took an art class in college and this assignment was to convey emotion.  The tree on the left signifies stress.  The instructor was extremely nice, and I managed an “A” for this project.  It’s nice to go through old stuff sometimes and see what you were doing many years ago.

Pen & Pencil on Bristol Vellum (14" x 17")

Emotions: Pen & Pencil on Bristol Vellum (14










Split-Screen: Two Houses Divided

This watercolor painting has taken over two months to get to this point.  I was playing around with a wash with blues and reds on wet paper, then it sat for a few weeks.  I picked it up again and started with the narrow house on the right.  Why so skinny?  Heck, I don’t know… that’s just the way it turned out.  (I’ve found that a lot of my stuff develops on a whim)  I put the lighthouse on the left after another couple of weeks.  It’s not finished yet, but I stopped.  Maybe it’ll take a few more weeks and I’ll pick it up again.  No telling what’ll happen next.


Split-Screen: 10"x14.5" Watercolor on Paper

Detail from above


Watercolor: A Bunch of Danged Apples

Well I don’t even know how to act!  I have a creative urge within me that bursts sometimes, and nothing ever comes out like I think it should.  I have a penchant for abstract painting.  Penchant may not even be a strong enough word.  I love the strength of feeling that comes with bold, abstract work.  It’s what I want to do when I paint.  It never happens that way, though.  For instance, this painting of a bunch of apples.  I wanted to paint… didn’t know what.  I found this magazine cover and thought it would be a neat thing to imitate.  So I broke out the watercolors and went to work while my daughter watched.  I’m not done with it, and I wonder if I ever will be.  I now want it to be perfect because it actually resembles a bunch of danged apples.  I can’t make this abstract.  Maybe impressionistic, but not abstract.  I want to throw paint on the canvas and feel the tension and stress involved with it.  I’m continuously held back by my incessent need to have it be perfect.  I sound like a nut case, huh?  Van Gogh-ish maybe.

Anyway, this is for Bill Jones (  Thanks for the push, Bill!

9"x12" Watercolor on Paper

Apples: 9"x12" Watercolor on Paper