Vintage Doodling: The Art of Bordom

Back in 1993, I was an instructor at the Fleet Training Center in Norfolk, Virginia.  I taught the operation and maintenance of a satellite communications system.  Part of my duties was to install electrical faults in the system to test the students’ abilities to troubleshoot and repair the danged thing.  Well, when the faults were installed, we sometimes would wait for hours while the students flailed about on the test (sounds evil, huh?).  This doodle was done while that was going on.  My other favorite thing to do at the time was to think of words and use the dictionary and thesaurus to find their root meanings.  Yeah, I was REALLY bored then!

Bored out of my skull at work in 1993

Abstract Face: 8.5"x11" Pen, Markers, & Colored Pencil on Paper


4 thoughts on “Vintage Doodling: The Art of Bordom

  1. emily

    this picture is qiet a sculpture
    It needs to have a bit more colours and it has to touch you heart
    then it would be good
    rather than that its good

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