Monthly Archives: December 2008

Caricature Drawing: The Last Day

Today is the last day for the majority of the people here where I work.  The company’s going to save a whole bunch of money by moving everything down to Mexico (although they’ve now lost everything they would’ve saved 5 years over).  This was the next to the last wave of lay-offs – mine will be next, and our folks decided to have a Christmas party to say goodbye to everyone.  Honestly, it took the edge off of a day that otherwise would’ve been very gloomy and tearful.  It always happens that way with these wonderful people.  It’s such a shame what’s happening here.

I brought the camera in to take pictures of the place and all the good people on their last day, and I saw this caricature I drew back in March on a whiteboard we used for keeping track of our all-day inventory.  We did that inventory just a couple weeks after the 2nd lay-off, so we needed some levity.  It’s been protected for some reason, and not by me.  There have been many people who’ve erased what was on that board, and written and erased on it again, and again.  But nobody erased the drawing.  I don’t know what that means, but maybe it brought a much-appreciated smile.  Who knows?  But here it is… (the red freckles were added by somebody else, but I thought it appropriate to leave them on).

Peace!  Dry Erase Markers on Whiteboard

Peace! Dry Erase Markers on Whiteboard