Charcoal & Pastel: What a Combo!

I have one stick of willow charcoal that’s never been used.  Since I’ve been experimenting with different mediums, I figured the charcoal needed attention, too.  I had the stick in my hand, imagining how Matisse would’ve used it, thinking I should make something profound for my first piece.  Then Picasso.  I was paralyzed for the longest time, then just started moving the thing over the paper making a weird face of eyes, nose, and mouth.  Ick!  Didn’t like that at all.  Next, the vertical lines.  What are vertical lines without the horizontal?  So next horizontal.  Hey, a checkerboard pattern… better fill in the black squares.  Then the color nerve got struck.  I can’t stand not having color here.  So that’s how it went.  It was almost unnerving!

Crazy Face

Abstract Face: 9"x12" Charcoal & Pastel on Paper


One thought on “Charcoal & Pastel: What a Combo!

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