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Some Abstract Fun

My boys love to paint, too.  Our youngest, Owen, asked if he could paint earlier this week, so I took out some ACEO watercolor paper and the Koi pocket field sketch box, and he went to work.  I added some black brush pen to it, and here’s what we created…

Owen Abstract - Watercolor & brush pen on ACEO

Owen Abstract – Watercolor & brush pen on ACEO

Pretty dagum cool, don’tcha think?



Next in the Sketchbook Project is @SwarezArt, a brilliant artist from the UK. He’s a very recent Twitter follower of mine (actually, a follow-back – thanks, man!), but I was so enamored by his work I just had to paint him.

His influences include Jackson Pollack, Joan Mitchell, and Trevor Bell, and you can definitely see those influences in his work. Swarez (sorry, I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t find a proper name) has a number of social links, so I’ll share them here as well:

Now, for the goods… I wanted so badly to do a drip painting that would manage to capture a bit of his style. However, once I started, I quickly realized that drip painting was much (MUCH) better suited for larger-scale work, unlike this small 5 x 7 sheet of sketchbook paper.  Nevertheless, I was able to flick the paint instead, which gave it a drip(ish) feel.  I was happy with the result, but you really should check out his work… much better!

Thanks, Swarez, for following!


Twitter Art Exhibit

I’m not sure how, exactly, I found out about it, on Twitter I’m sure, but I stumbled across the Twitter Art Exhibit.  I knew I had to participate.  It was started by David Sandum a couple years back, and has since exploded. (BTW, I did a painting of David for the Sketchbook Project a few posts ago)  This year, after being approached by Nat George, an LA-based artist, about it, they’re hosting the exhibit in LA this coming January.  I just think it’s the coolest thing.  Check it out.

I struggled to come up with something to send.  This first piece was a bit of whimsy that was fun to make, but when I put the sealant on it, it smeared!  Ugh…

Ink & watercolor

Ink & watercolor

Not happy with the smear, I set off to do something else.  I swear, I stared at this empty sheet for the LONGEST time!  Then I went to work.  Sketched in the rough outlines, the ink the black with India Ink, and kept on with the color.  Here ’tis…

India ink & watercolor

India ink & watercolor

After it was all said and done, I figured I’d send them both after all.  The first one, smudged and all, may end up helping, so off it goes.  I hope they sell and do some good!


Marianne Morris

The next page in my Sketchbook Project is of Marriane Morris (on Twitter as @morris4of4).  She’s a fairly new Twitter follower of mine, but her work really stood out, and I felt I just HAD to do something about it.

I couldn’t find any good photos of Marriane, but there are these eyes…

And then there’s this BEAUTIFUL painting from her website

“The Colour of Simplicity”, by Marianne Morris

So, as with the Chaz Sargent painting, I mashed ’em up…

“Marianne Morris”, acrylic in the Sketchbook Project sketchbook

I love the color and feeling in Marianne’s work.  You really should stop by and have a look around.  Thanks, Marianne, for following me on Twitter!

Chaz Sargent

The next page in my Sketchbook Project – Chaz Sargent.

Chaz has “…a private art company which specializes in international private sales of contemporary & modern art, high value jewellery, design, and culture.” (from the website).  He can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, as well as a blog.

Since he’s embroiled in the art world, I figured he’d appreciate my idea of crossing his portrait with that of a Picasso painting of Marie-Therese Walter. So here’s the mashup…

The photo of Chaz

Picasso’s portrait of Marie-Therese Walter

The final product – a Picasso-ized Chaz Sargent

Chaz is a good sport!  Thanks for following me on Twitter, Chaz!


The Storm

This has been in one of my watercolor field books for a while, and I’ve never been quite sure how to finish it off.  I recently bought a pack of Micron pens, and thought I’d put ’em to use with this messy blotch of watercolor.  The result:

Watercolor and ink on 140lb paper, 7″x9″

Woo-wee!, that’s BUSY!  Love the color, though.


If you met my daughter, Jordan, you wouldn’t think this looks like her at all.  There is one photo I have of her from several years ago, where she was making this odd face and it looks nothing like her.  I used this photo to do a monochromatic painting in my sketchbook.  I used only a brush and some ultramarine blue watercolor. No penciled lines, no prep, just look and go.  I love the flow of painting that way. No rules, no restrictions, just going at it.

Jordan: Moleskine sketchbook.