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Abstract Squares

I experimented with thinner over soft pastel, and it gave a pretty smooth, yet textured look.  Theres some oil pastel over top of it all.  Turned out pretty good for messin’ around, don’t you think?

Absquares: Soft and oil pastels mixed with thinner on watercolor paper.

Absquares: Soft and oil pastels mixed with thinner on watercolor paper.

Abstract Art: Oil Pastel

Another creative urge hit me, so I broke out the oil pastels and a 9″ x 12″ piece of watercolor paper, then commenced to sit down and stare at the empty white paper, hoping something would inspire me.  Nothing came.  Minutes passed.  Staring at the paper, I saw the play of the shadows from my head, so I outlined them.  What follows is the result of those first strokes.  The piece practically drew itself.

Oil Pastel on Watercolor Paper

Oil Pastel on Watercolor Paper

Oil Pastel Abstract Impressionism

Everything has to have a name, doesn’t it?  I wasn’t sure what this style is called, but “abstract impressionism” sounds good.  I haven’t studied art history, although I have read much about a good number of artists who fascinate me.  This piece is another larger sized oil pastel on paper that changed directions many times throughout it’s evolution.  I really love the bright colors.  They feel vibrant and alive.  As with most of my work, there’s no special meaning behind anything you see.


Tree: Oil Pastel On Paper

Oil Pastel Painting of Toys

This is the very first oil pastel I attempted.  The pastels took some getting used to, but I ended up really liking working with it.  This was an impromptu arrangement of some of my son’s toys.  This is also one of the largest pieces I’ve made.


Toys: Oil Pastel on Paper