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New Artist Pens

I don’t have much to show lately. We’re expecting twin girls in August, so it’s been a bit busy around the house. And at work? Forget it! I’ve been limited to the sketchbook, and even then, not so much. But I wanted to say “hey” and let you know I’m still alive. ūüôā

I follow Urban Sketchers, and in their “Art Supplies We Like” I found a set of pens I thought I’d try out: Faber-Castell PITT artist pens

After the purchase, I had a go with ’em. Here’s what happened:

Faber-Castell PITT pens and watercolor in my Moleskine sketchbook

Faber-Castell PITT pens and watercolor in my Moleskine sketchbook

The 2 characters in the upper right-hand corner are some Skylanders dudes my boys wanted me to draw. Fun!


Jay Carney

I’ve been sick with the flu for almost a week now. ¬†Laid up in bed, sleeping, watching lots of House of Cards on Netflix (great show, by the way). ¬†Anyway, it’s my first day back at work, and what do I do during lunch? ¬†Yup… draw.

I saw this funny-face photo of Jay Carney online a couple weeks ago and saved it to my phone. ¬†Today, while watching yet another episode of House of Cards, I thought I’d whip out my old business cards and start doodlin’. ¬†And here’s what happened…

Jay Carney - Sharpie pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card during lunch.

Jay Carney – Sharpie pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card during lunch.

Einstein Cup – Round 2

Seems I’m recycling here, huh? ¬†Hey! ¬†I’m a green artist! ¬†Yeeeeaaahhh… OK, maybe not. ¬†But…

I spend a lot of time on the phone some days. ¬†This morning is like that. ¬†Finished my cup of Joe earlier… nothing else to do at the moment… so, hey, I’ll mess with the cup s’more.

Why do I draw¬†Einstein? ¬†He’s on my desktop background…


I don’t stray too far from my Moleskine these days. ¬†I’ve got this CONSTANT urge to draw/paint/sketch/whatever, and I can’t see how that’s a bad thing.

So, like clockwork, lunch came and I went at it again, this time in the form of a cityscape of my hometown, Jacksonville, Florida. ¬†(OK, full disclosure: I’m actually from San Jose, California, but moved to Jax when I was 6.) ¬†Scrolling through photos I found on Google (speaking of Google… cool Keith Haring doodle today – Keith Haring's 54th birthday. Courtesy of the Keith Haring Foundation.¬†Happy Birthday, Keith!), one photo caught my eye. ¬†Here’s my version:

Jax, as seen from City Hall. Ink in the Moleskine sketchbook.

Maybe this afternoon I’ll have some color put to it. ¬†Check back.


The View From My Desk

We’ve got a pretty big problem at work. ¬†Not end-of-the-world big, but big as in this-kind-of-stuff-doesn’t-happen-’round-here-that-often big. ¬†Anyway, as a result, I spent a good bit of my day on the phone at my desk. ¬†Looking around, I figured, hey, what the heck, I should fiddle fart around in my sketchbook. ¬†(Understand that usually I would just doodle on a napkin or something like that, so to actually think to doodle in my sketchbook is PROGRESS!) ¬†Leaning back in my big ol’ comfy chair, I just started drawing what I saw. ¬†I added the color after dinner last night, then inked it during my 30-minute lunch today. ¬†And now… the view from my desk chair at work…

My desk at work. Watercolor & Ink in the Moleskine sketchbook.

Sketch & Wash

More lunch work. I’ve got a “Sketch & Wash” graphite pencil, and thought I’d give it a whirl. After brushing the original drawing with a brush and some water, I was somewhat pleased with the results. Then I had to add a bit of color and got all dorked up with it. Not proud, but here’s what happened, in 3 phases.

The original sketch with the "Sketch & Wash" pencil

Phase2, after washing with a brush (paper was wet, can you tell?)

Phase 3: Dorked up with color (should've left it alone). Honestly, it doesn't look that bad in real life.

What’s really bad is that I did this on a sheet of printer paper. It absorbs water like a sheet of plastic! Just horrible. And I know that, too. This started out as a warm-up exercise, and I was going to do this in the sketchbook. Maybe I’ll do that anyway. Maybe not. Who knows. Have a great weekend!

Random Stuff

Not very creative lately, but going through some old notebooks at work, I found a few things I thought might be interesting to look at later on:

Doodle during OSHA training

More OSHA doodling

Quick sketch of the conference phone sitting in the middle of the table during a meeting at work

Sketch of an idea I had to catch some wire trimmings that were messing up the floor (current on left, proposed on right)

There, that should do for a bit. ¬†I’ll get back to doing more interesting things (I hope). ¬†Meanwhile, you can see into my mind a bit.