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Another miniature portrait on the back of a business card.  This time, during lunch at work.  Good thing I can shut my door.  It’s my Uncle Tommy.

"Tommy", watercolor and Kuretake #8 brush pen on the back of a business card

“Tommy”, watercolor and Kuretake #8 brush pen on the back of a business card

Einstein Cup – Round 2

Seems I’m recycling here, huh?  Hey!  I’m a green artist!  Yeeeeaaahhh… OK, maybe not.  But…

I spend a lot of time on the phone some days.  This morning is like that.  Finished my cup of Joe earlier… nothing else to do at the moment… so, hey, I’ll mess with the cup s’more.

Why do I draw Einstein?  He’s on my desktop background…

The View From My Desk

We’ve got a pretty big problem at work.  Not end-of-the-world big, but big as in this-kind-of-stuff-doesn’t-happen-’round-here-that-often big.  Anyway, as a result, I spent a good bit of my day on the phone at my desk.  Looking around, I figured, hey, what the heck, I should fiddle fart around in my sketchbook.  (Understand that usually I would just doodle on a napkin or something like that, so to actually think to doodle in my sketchbook is PROGRESS!)  Leaning back in my big ol’ comfy chair, I just started drawing what I saw.  I added the color after dinner last night, then inked it during my 30-minute lunch today.  And now… the view from my desk chair at work…

My desk at work. Watercolor & Ink in the Moleskine sketchbook.

Found Some Old Doodles

I have about five or six spiral-bound notebooks that I’ve held on to for a number of years now.  Every once in a while I’ll find myself in need of a notebook, and one of these five or six is always within arms reach.  They’re constant companions of mine when I go to meetings.  I’m NEVER in a meeting without one!

And this is why…  I’m usually BORED…TO…TEARS!  And when I’m bored, I doodle.  The longer the meeting, the more doodles there are, or the more complicated/intricate the doodle is.

Just the other day, I was in the car and in need of something to write on. I looked in the glove box and found a notebook from about three years ago.  The first three pages had doodles on them.  Here they are…

From a "Monday Morning Management Meeting" on Monday, December 8th, 2008. Obviously, nothing exciting happened in THAT meeting.

Also from the M.M.M.Meeting. Apparently this meeting lasted about the same time as the one the week before. 🙂

Same notebook, but I was waiting in the car for my wife while she had an appointment. After a while I got bored enough with the radio that I pulled out the notebook from the glove box and started sketching the building she was in. Not much later, out she came, so that was the end of the drawing session.

There ya go.  A snapshot into 10-day period of my life.  A lot’s changed since then… A LOT!, but isn’t it cool to look back every once in a while?

Here’s some other posts where I’ve been bored enough at work to doodle.

Updated Bell-headed Sailor

Added some color to the “doodle” from yesterday.  Who knows where this is going.

Monochrome Portrait

So I had the incredible urge to paint today, and inspiration… well, inspiration was lacking a bit.  Funny how those two, urge and inspiration, rarely appear together for me.  I fumbled around the office for a few minutes – the lunch hour was quickly slipping by – and I found this black-and-white photo I’d doctored up of a guy I work with, Michael.  I enhanced it for contrast so that there wasn’t too much in the way of shades of grey.  Anyway, I thought I could do that in under an hour in the ol’ Moleskine.  My watercolor set doesn’t have black, so I went with the darkest color I had… brown.  Hell, there may even be a technical name for it… OK, hold on, I’ll find out…  “burnt umber”.  Of course!  Why shouldn’t I have known that?

So here it is, one simple, monochrome portrait of Michael.  (He doesn’t even know I’ve done this… shhhh…)

"Michael": Watercolor in Moleskine

Work of Art – Yaaay Abdi!

I’ve been watching this show on Bravo called Work of Art, the Next Great Artist.  I LOVE that show.  It’s over now, and the winner, Abdi, is an amazing artist with a HUGE heart and tons of personality.  He just seems like a great guy.  Almost felt like a friend, even though we’ve never met.  He’s well on his way.  Check him out!

All this art has seriously primed my pump again.  Watching those guys create, then stress out about what to do next, makes me feel not so alone when I’m second guessing myself.  It was a great show, and I can’t wait for the next episode (hope they have another).  Anyway, after all that, I decided I had to do something during lunch, and this is what happened.

Canister & Cherries (Ink & watercolor in Moleskine sketchbook)

Nothing fancy, but one, I don’t have much time, and two, during lunch?  C’mon… gimme a break, huh?  It’s practice.  Practice!  I draw, doodle and sketch all the damned time, but hardly ever in my sketchbook where I should.  It’s always on a napkin, or on a piece of printer paper, or on the back of an index card.  I’ve got to let it go that the stuff I put in the sketchbook needs to be “good”.  It’s a damned sketchbook!  Look at me yelling at myself.  Such a dolt!

Anyway, make sure you check out Abdi.  The others on the show were pretty good, too.  Some were a bit out there, but the guy who won deserved to win!  Great job, Abdi!

More in the Moleskine

I don’t draw nearly as much as I did when I was laid off from work. Go figure. All I can seem to squeeze in every once in a while is a sketch/painting in my moleskine sketchbook, which I LOVE! Here’s the latest entry, a view from my desk at work. Pretty boring, but once you’re eyes make it outside, the view is really quite spectacular at times. I get to see the changes in the weather in a front-row seat, facing West. Boy, though, it really gets hot in the Summer afternoons!

The View (Sharpie pen & watercolor in Moleskine sketchbook)

The End is Nigh

So this is it, the last day of work for me.  I’ll be officially laid-off from my job after almost 14 years of blood, sweat, and tears.  It has been almost like awaiting death, and now the grim reaper has shown his face and is arching the scythe back for a final swing. Not sure how “normal” this is, but the Department of Labor was in here yesterday to give us all a run-down on what unemployment services were available. It was a nice gesture, or maybe they were merely just doing their jobs by being here. Either way, I hate to say it, but it was BORING! I tell you what, the government is unbelievably beurocratic, and chock full of forms and procedures. I think it’s easier to get a job than it is to go to the DOL and fill out endless forms and wait for approvals and what-not, even in this economy. At some point I stopped listening and started doodling. I always have a note pad, or something to draw on because I KNOW that if there’s a meeting to be held, I’m going to check out. The paper gives me something to shift my attention to and prevents me from standing up and rudely walking out on someone who’s just doing their job. Now, for the first time in 14 years, I’m unemployed. Hey, maybe I can go get a government job. I hear the FBI is hiring. How ’bout that? Special Agent Ayers… hmm… does kinda have a nifty ring to it, don’t it?

The last meeting doodle.

The last meeting doodle.

Caricature Drawing: The Last Day

Today is the last day for the majority of the people here where I work.  The company’s going to save a whole bunch of money by moving everything down to Mexico (although they’ve now lost everything they would’ve saved 5 years over).  This was the next to the last wave of lay-offs – mine will be next, and our folks decided to have a Christmas party to say goodbye to everyone.  Honestly, it took the edge off of a day that otherwise would’ve been very gloomy and tearful.  It always happens that way with these wonderful people.  It’s such a shame what’s happening here.

I brought the camera in to take pictures of the place and all the good people on their last day, and I saw this caricature I drew back in March on a whiteboard we used for keeping track of our all-day inventory.  We did that inventory just a couple weeks after the 2nd lay-off, so we needed some levity.  It’s been protected for some reason, and not by me.  There have been many people who’ve erased what was on that board, and written and erased on it again, and again.  But nobody erased the drawing.  I don’t know what that means, but maybe it brought a much-appreciated smile.  Who knows?  But here it is… (the red freckles were added by somebody else, but I thought it appropriate to leave them on).

Peace!  Dry Erase Markers on Whiteboard

Peace! Dry Erase Markers on Whiteboard