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Our twins had their 1st birthday last Saturday, and we had a houseful for the occasion.  Both of our mothers came up, and we had a small party for them.  It was a good time.  I must say that I absolutely am in love with my little girls.  OK, here’s a recent photo…

Our beautiful twin girls, Michaela and Madeline.

Our beautiful twin girls, Michaela and Madeline.

How could you NOT be in love with that?  We have three other children, too, and it blows me away how much love us humans are capable of because of how deeply I love them all!

Right, back to the story.  Ahem…

Saturday was the party, and Sunday, around 2 pm, our mothers were to leave.  There was some “dead” time between breakfast and then, so I grabbed my mini sketchbook and the brush pen and sketched the scene: our dachshund, Suzy, asleep on the floor.

Suzy, asleep on the floor (brush pen & watercolor in the mini sketchbook)

Suzy, asleep on the floor (brush pen & watercolor in the mini sketchbook)

 See the blue bit behind her?  That’s a body pillow we’ve got set up against the bricks on the hearth of the fireplace so the young’ns don’t knock their noggins.  All the bricks are covered up with pillows, matter of fact.  We’ve got the bumper cushions, but they don’t stick worth a flip.  A play phone, a neckerchief, and some other toy are there in the foreground.  How’s that for composition?  🙂

That’ll do for now.  I’ll post up more when I have the time (and urge… need sleeeeep).


I have been busy! Seems I posted last in July of last year. Holy cow! Well, not much has happened in the way of art, other than doodlings and sketches here and there. I’ll see about going back and capturing some of that, then posting it later on. Meanwhile, this happened at lunch today with a Micron 005 pen on the back of one of my old business cards.


Pencil Drawing

There have been several close-up pictures of my son that I’ve loved.  This drawing is taken from one of those pictures.  Originally, this wasn’t intented to be a finished product, meaning something I would have kept.  I was doodling when it all of the sudden got serious.  The smaller drawing was all scribbles, and I erased as much as I could to make the bottom part look better, then ended up drawing on the scribbles to make them look good.  I could see somebody asking the meaning behind the smaller drawing and why they’re both seemingly encased in bubbles.  No meaning whatsoever… I had no statements to make.

My son