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Jay Carney

I’ve been sick with the flu for almost a week now.  Laid up in bed, sleeping, watching lots of House of Cards on Netflix (great show, by the way).  Anyway, it’s my first day back at work, and what do I do during lunch?  Yup… draw.

I saw this funny-face photo of Jay Carney online a couple weeks ago and saved it to my phone.  Today, while watching yet another episode of House of Cards, I thought I’d whip out my old business cards and start doodlin’.  And here’s what happened…

Jay Carney - Sharpie pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card during lunch.

Jay Carney – Sharpie pen and watercolor on the back of an old business card during lunch.

Einstein Cup – Round 2

Seems I’m recycling here, huh?  Hey!  I’m a green artist!  Yeeeeaaahhh… OK, maybe not.  But…

I spend a lot of time on the phone some days.  This morning is like that.  Finished my cup of Joe earlier… nothing else to do at the moment… so, hey, I’ll mess with the cup s’more.

Why do I draw Einstein?  He’s on my desktop background…


I don’t stray too far from my Moleskine these days.  I’ve got this CONSTANT urge to draw/paint/sketch/whatever, and I can’t see how that’s a bad thing.

So, like clockwork, lunch came and I went at it again, this time in the form of a cityscape of my hometown, Jacksonville, Florida.  (OK, full disclosure: I’m actually from San Jose, California, but moved to Jax when I was 6.)  Scrolling through photos I found on Google (speaking of Google… cool Keith Haring doodle today – Keith Haring's 54th birthday. Courtesy of the Keith Haring Foundation. Happy Birthday, Keith!), one photo caught my eye.  Here’s my version:

Jax, as seen from City Hall. Ink in the Moleskine sketchbook.

Maybe this afternoon I’ll have some color put to it.  Check back.


The View From My Desk

We’ve got a pretty big problem at work.  Not end-of-the-world big, but big as in this-kind-of-stuff-doesn’t-happen-’round-here-that-often big.  Anyway, as a result, I spent a good bit of my day on the phone at my desk.  Looking around, I figured, hey, what the heck, I should fiddle fart around in my sketchbook.  (Understand that usually I would just doodle on a napkin or something like that, so to actually think to doodle in my sketchbook is PROGRESS!)  Leaning back in my big ol’ comfy chair, I just started drawing what I saw.  I added the color after dinner last night, then inked it during my 30-minute lunch today.  And now… the view from my desk chair at work…

My desk at work. Watercolor & Ink in the Moleskine sketchbook.

Mishima Station Updated

This one took much longer than I thought it would.  Perspective is very technical work.  I much prefer the freedom of a brush and pencil, even a pen if I’m not trying to constrain myself.  It’s just a sketchbook entry, but I’m kind of pleased with the final outcome, and I don’t think I’ll be undertaking something like this on a larger scale.  I simply don’t have the patience for it.  Good thing I’m not an architect or designer, huh?

Here are the results after each of the 3-day lunch sessions, ending just moments ago.

Lots of converging lines into the horizon. End of lunch hour, day 1.

End of lunch, day 2.

The final. Well, maybe.

Random Stuff

Not very creative lately, but going through some old notebooks at work, I found a few things I thought might be interesting to look at later on:

Doodle during OSHA training

More OSHA doodling

Quick sketch of the conference phone sitting in the middle of the table during a meeting at work

Sketch of an idea I had to catch some wire trimmings that were messing up the floor (current on left, proposed on right)

There, that should do for a bit.  I’ll get back to doing more interesting things (I hope).  Meanwhile, you can see into my mind a bit.


Found Some Old Doodles

I have about five or six spiral-bound notebooks that I’ve held on to for a number of years now.  Every once in a while I’ll find myself in need of a notebook, and one of these five or six is always within arms reach.  They’re constant companions of mine when I go to meetings.  I’m NEVER in a meeting without one!

And this is why…  I’m usually BORED…TO…TEARS!  And when I’m bored, I doodle.  The longer the meeting, the more doodles there are, or the more complicated/intricate the doodle is.

Just the other day, I was in the car and in need of something to write on. I looked in the glove box and found a notebook from about three years ago.  The first three pages had doodles on them.  Here they are…

From a "Monday Morning Management Meeting" on Monday, December 8th, 2008. Obviously, nothing exciting happened in THAT meeting.

Also from the M.M.M.Meeting. Apparently this meeting lasted about the same time as the one the week before. 🙂

Same notebook, but I was waiting in the car for my wife while she had an appointment. After a while I got bored enough with the radio that I pulled out the notebook from the glove box and started sketching the building she was in. Not much later, out she came, so that was the end of the drawing session.

There ya go.  A snapshot into 10-day period of my life.  A lot’s changed since then… A LOT!, but isn’t it cool to look back every once in a while?

Here’s some other posts where I’ve been bored enough at work to doodle.

Updated Bell-headed Sailor

Added some color to the “doodle” from yesterday.  Who knows where this is going.

Bell-headed Sailor Toon

I doodle a heckuva lot more than I draw and paint.  And I NEVER doodle in my sketchbook, which is EXACTLY where all this kind of thing should happen.  I’ve mentioned it before, but there’s this phobia I have of putting something in a sketchbook, or on a blank piece of paper, or on a canvas, and messing it up.  Regular ol’ notebook paper, napkins, cardboard, business cards?  No problem at all.  I’ll just drop ink and graphite all over the damned place.  That’s what this was…

This is a scanned version, and if you look carefully enough you can see the faintest hints of the lines in the paper.  It was drawn on a 8 1/2″ x 11″ canary legal pad, but I scanned it in black-and-white, then erased as much of the lines as I could with Sketchbook Pro.

Anyway, what I should do is do more of this in the Moleskine sketchbook.  Gotta conquer my fear of dorkin’ up a page in that damned notebook.  Heaven help me!

A Sketch Occurred

I’ve got two cups on my desk for writing utensils.  One, a decorated tin can that my daughter made for me, houses all my colored pencils as well as some scissors and a range of drawing pencils.  The other, a mug my wife made for me with my children’s picture and names, has all ink – highlighters, ultra fine point Sharpie markers, and regular old ink pens.

See?  There they are.  Well, they sit right next to the mouse pad, utensils within a nanosecond’s reach if necessary.  Yesterday, during a moment of pause, my right hand leapt from the keyboard and grabbed the black Sharpie pen and started sketching the first thing the eyes found – an eviscerated carcass of a pack of Trident Layers gum.  Before I knew what was happening, the pen got put back and colored pencils started filling in the white spaces.  When I finally realized what had happened, I took a picture.

Thar she blows.  Look, the sketching apparatus didn’t even bother to find a clean, unused slip of paper to mess on.  It apparently flipped over a stapled report.  Sheesh!  I hope I don’t have to bring that to a meeting, or something.  🙂  This didn’t take very long, so I was able to get back to work relatively quick.  Whew!  Good thing the apparatus isn’t a perfectionist, huh?