Alpha Tire

I was off work all last week, and can you believe it, I only had one artistic moment.  You know, we’ve got 26 kids – well 5, but still – so even when I’m off work there’s not much time for relaxation and creative genius (aherm).  I thoroughly enjoyed the week off.  I’m a big-time family dude, so any time I can spend surrounded by my beautiful wife and amazing children is a huge blessing to me.  My only regret is that some day this will all end.

Anyway, so as not to go off on a philosophical exposition, I’ll show you the one thing I managed to do.  I took the boys with me to get the oil and transmission fluids changed on my ride on Saturday.  Knowing it would be a little bit of a wait, I brought my new, favorite sketchbook: a 3×5 leather-bound  book, with paper that almost feels homemade, which I dig… alot.  I’ll snap a picture of it someday.  Anyway, here’s the finished product (pen and watercolor added after we got home, later that night after all 26 (or so) kids went to bed).

Watercolor & pen in 3x5 sketchbook

Watercolor & pen in 3×5 sketchbook

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