Carl (last post) was so fun, I thought it would be neat to draw the rest of the crew at work. My job title changed a few months ago and I’ve been holding on to my old business cards ever since. I didn’t want to throw them away, although I should have. Such a hoarder! 🙂 Anyway, now I’ve got at least a hundred little canvases (or should that be canvii?). Best get to work. Here’s Faye.



3 thoughts on “Faye

    1. msayers Post author

      Hi Agata. No, I haven’t told them yet. Sort of afraid what they might think, actually. “Is he some kind of a stalker?” “When does he have time to do this at work?” (although I do only spend 5 minutes on them) “Hey, this doesn’t look like me at all!”

      I think I’ll tell them afterall, though. Everyone’s a good sport around that place, so it should be cool.

      Thanks for the comment, Agata!


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