Arosha Taglia

Next in my Sketchbook Project is Arosha Taglia (@AroshaDesign on Twitter), an Italian-born renaissance man, of sorts.  From his website:

Designer, painter, art director, sculptor and digital artist Arosha, believes that real creativity refuses closed boundaries and has to join the courage of an exploration with the playful soul of a child.
Born and raised in Italy, where he graduated from the renewed School of Design and Applied Arts of Torino, Arosha now lives in Israel after the meeting with Gili, his partner in life and the marketing manager of their online venues.

Arosha is an extremely talented designer of some wonderful jewelry. Please visit his site and Etsy shop and browse around… you know, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.  Don’t be caught off guard!  🙂

Thanks, Arosha, for following me on Twitter!

Arosha Taglia - India Ink

Arosha Taglia – India Ink


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