Roc Cayard

Roc Cayard (@Roc_Cayard on Twitter) is the next page in my Sketchbook Project.  Roc is a New York based contemporary artist who uses bold primary colors. From his website:

I mostly use bright primary colors in my paintings because they have the characteristic elements to energize, uplift and promote a positive mood.


All of my paintings describe a specific mood or a reoccurring mood that I experience every now and then. Those moods can’t be precisely described with words, hence the need for me to express them thru my work. The scenes that are depicted in my paintings are split second flash thoughts that comes to mind when I’m in a certain mood. The specific colors that I use also help calibrate the level of energy and mood in each character and sometimes certain colors are used to identify a specific character by individuality, role or by profession.

His work is VERY energetic, and you’re left wondering exactly what he may have been thinking/feeling during each painting. It’s really wonderful art!

I wanted to keep his portrait very simple, reflective of his work, and stay with the primary color scheme he uses in most of his paintings.  I was a bit disappointed with the colors I had to work with because they weren’t as vibrant as what he uses, especially my green.

Take a few minutes to soak in his work. You won’t be disappointed.  And now… Roc Cayard.

Roc Cayard - Acrylic

Roc Cayard – Acrylic

Roc, if you get around to reading this, thanks for following me on Twitter.  I’m a HUGE fan!


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