Rick Myers

The next Sketchbook Project entry is a monochromatic watercolor of Rick Myers (@RickM on Twitter), the founder and CEO of Talent Zoo – www.talentzoo.com.  Rick follows a TON of folks, and has over twice as many followers as those he follows!  Busy guy, I’m guessing.

I’m not sure how he came to follow me, but since he is, he’s a target, right?  I warned him beforehand, and he thought it was cool, so I hope I don’t disappoint.

I started out with a rough sketch…



I sat in my “studio” for a long time staring at this.  What the heck now?  Well, he’s a Buckeye fan, so I saw a link there.  Urban Meyer is coaching their football team, after leaving my favorite team, the Florida Gators (not cool, Urban!).  Anyway, I figured I’d color him in all blue, and do the lettering in orange with a white background.  GOOOOO GATORS!  Oh yeah!

Rick Myers, the reluctant Gators fan,

Rick Myers, the reluctant Gators fan

Hey Rick, thanks for being a great sport, and thanks for following!  I’ll stand out in that crowd of 62,000 for at least my 15 minutes of fame, eh?  🙂  Had fun with it, man.  Thanks again.


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