Twitter Art Exhibit

I’m not sure how, exactly, I found out about it, on Twitter I’m sure, but I stumbled across the Twitter Art Exhibit.  I knew I had to participate.  It was started by David Sandum a couple years back, and has since exploded. (BTW, I did a painting of David for the Sketchbook Project a few posts ago)  This year, after being approached by Nat George, an LA-based artist, about it, they’re hosting the exhibit in LA this coming January.  I just think it’s the coolest thing.  Check it out.

I struggled to come up with something to send.  This first piece was a bit of whimsy that was fun to make, but when I put the sealant on it, it smeared!  Ugh…

Ink & watercolor

Ink & watercolor

Not happy with the smear, I set off to do something else.  I swear, I stared at this empty sheet for the LONGEST time!  Then I went to work.  Sketched in the rough outlines, the ink the black with India Ink, and kept on with the color.  Here ’tis…

India ink & watercolor

India ink & watercolor

After it was all said and done, I figured I’d send them both after all.  The first one, smudged and all, may end up helping, so off it goes.  I hope they sell and do some good!



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