The next page in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook is Rebecca, aka @1Thumb1Thumb on Twitter.  No idea what she does for a living, but she’s talented, let me tell ya.  Check out her Instagram page, and you’ll see she has a wonderful talent for photography, and she’s VERY GOOD with a ballpoint pen!

Rebecca has been following me on Twitter for a while now, since the days of my search for “truth” (which, by the way, I found that there is no such thing.  Whew!  Moved on from that, thank God!)  Birds of a feather, and all that.  Anyway, do some digging, and you’ll see she has a few blogs, too.  Talented!

OK, so she had this really fun picture as her Twitter profile for a long time, and it has since changed to a monkey staring at a human brain.  I was going to draw/paint that old profile photo, but while browsing around her Instagram I saw this great photo of her eye (I hope that’s your eye, Rebecca!)  Perfect.  Whimsical!  I love it!  And is was green… not sure what that means, but there was some fun to be had, so I went with it.  And now… @1Thumb1Thumb:



Thanks for following me, Rebecca, and for sticking around so long!


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