Her, Too

Yet another portrait… of sorts.  This one started out as a monochromatic watercolor.  Can you tell which color it was?

I never know when to finish something, so I end up putting it away for a couple days, then I peek at it for a few seconds and put it back up.  Later on I’ll stare at it for a longer period of time, then put it back up.  Today, during lunch, I went back over it with blue, and I just wasn’t happy with that at all, so I added some other colors in there and decided to outline it in ink.  The brush pen was a painfully slow way to do this, but thankfully I had a jar of India ink in my backpack, so I tackled it with that and a large brush, going back later with a small brush for the details.  Et voila!

Watercolor and India ink on 90lb paper


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