Johan Lindeberg

I still haven’t put a single mark in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook.  I had this thought that I would fill it with portraits of all my Twitter followers, and there are some really cool faces to do, let me tell ya.  When I got the idea, I had as a follower the famous fashion designer, Johan Lindeberg of Diesel and J. Lindeberg fame, and most recently BLK DNM, his new company.  I was very honored to have him as a follower.

Anyway, he’s got a very distinct look, and I thought I’d start the sketchbook with him because of that.  Plus, his thing is black, so I figured a black and white drawing would be easy enough.  I wanted to do a practice drawing in the Moleskine sketchbook, and have just finished that.

I was almost finished last night when I thought I’d Tweet it as it stood, and mention his handle, maybe DM him to let him know.  I tweeted it, but got my ego deflated a bit when I saw he no longer followed me.  You know what, though?  I’m good.  I’m not famous… YET!  I still admire the man for all he’s done and is doing, so Johan… we’re cool, brother.  🙂

I saw he’s going to London next week.  I’ll be there the week after.  Maybe we’ll cross paths somewhere.


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