Not sure what’s up with the portrait paintings here of late.  I’ve decided I like painting with loose strokes, and just letting the paint flow where it wants to instead of being so tight and controlling.  Playing with color is fun, and I’m much less inhibited than I have been in the past, which is REALLY nice!  Now these won’t end up in the Louvre, but I’m having fun with them.

As usual, the scanner I’m using is way off in color and contrast, so I try to match it manually using, and that usually goes… OK, I guess.  Still, this one’s a bit off the original.

Meet my much-more-beautiful-than-I-could-EVER-portray-in-art wife, Kelly:


4 thoughts on “Kelly

  1. Louisa

    Hey Mike, I LOVE this painting! great to make contact again, as you can see I am off on yet another blog adventure – but I didn’t know you were into KNITTING ????? 😉

    1. msayers Post author

      Hi Louisa! Thank you. The painting doesn’t do her justice. What a looker she is in real life! Yeah, knitting… Not really. 🙂 I saw your new blog from your old blog and thought it’d be neat to see what you’re up to again. Good to see ya!


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