The Buddha

I’ve got a portable studio in a black leather backpack. I only ever wanted it to be a place to hold the sketchbook, a couple pencils, my water brush, and a small watercolor set. The idea was that I could bust out a quick sketch at a moment’s notice. Now, mostly it just sits on a hook in my office at work. And it’s got way more than the original intent…2 full sets of watercolor pencils, 3 Chinese brushes, 2 2×2 canvasses, 2 sketchbooks, a full range of flat and round brushes, sketch & wash pencil, full drawing set, putty eraser, pencil sharpener… uh, I think that’s it. All I need now is an easel!

Anyway, I brought that bag home, intent on doing something over the weekend. I got a chance today while our youngest son was napping. I used a photo of a Buddha I took at the Japanese restaurant last Friday night for reference. Here’s how it went down…


The hardest part... a blank page! My nemesis!

Initial sketch

First washes with watercolor

The final outcome

And then… our little guy woke up, and we ate green apples.  🙂


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