This was just done during lunch, finished mere moments ago.  Started out with orange, then built up with darker red-orange, then red and finally penned in with a fine-point sharpie.  It’s in my Moleskine sketchbook, which has become a constant companion (almost) now.

I think I’m going to sign up for the Sketchbook project over at  That would really be a neat thing to do, I think.  I’ve been looking at it long enough.  Might as well jump. When it happens, and I get the book, I’ll keep the blog updated with what I’m doing with it.

Meanwhile, please have a look at my entries for the Times Square art contest.  I could use the help if you wouldn’t mind clicking on the “Collect Me” button.  The more collections I’m in, the better my chances.

Thanks again for looking.  And here’s today’s messin’ ’round…

Watercolor & Sharpie in the Moleskine sketchbook


2 thoughts on “Battered

    1. msayers Post author

      Thanks, Bill! Very glad to have you stop by. I left a comment on your blog as well, but not sure it took, as I’m sending this over the iPhone. Anyway, appreciate the comment, and thanks again for stopping in.


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