Playing With My New Toy

My lovely wife got me a couple neat-o things for Christmas that have helped release some of my inhibitions.  A blank piece of paper, or canvas, just intimidates the hell out of me.  So much so, that I have trouble even sketching in my sketchbooks.  I’m afraid of messing something up.  It’s not seriously neurotic, but it is limiting.

I have  now been unleashed, so to speak, because of a graphic tablet.  It’s the Wacom Bamboo.  Not terribly expensive, either.  Plus, it doubles as a multi-touch mouse pad, which is cool as all get out.  She also got me Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro 2011.  Awesome program!  Put the two together, and I can draw, paint, erase, airbrush, whatever, and if I don’t like it, dump it all with a click of the “DELETE” key.

So, I haven’t done much, and most of what I have done has been trashed.  Here are just two sketches I did with a few spare minutes during lunch at work.  Nothing fancy, but you can start to see how fun this must be.


2 thoughts on “Playing With My New Toy

  1. Clay Cooper

    These are cool. I have sketchbook for the ipad and it works really well. I’d still prefer a canvas though even though i understand being intimidated all too well.

    1. msayers Post author

      Thanks Clay! Yeah, nothing beats the old fashioned way. I posted this back in January, and that’s the last time I’ve played with it. Canvas and paper is MUCH better!

      Thanks for the comment, Clay.


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