Monochrome Portrait

So I had the incredible urge to paint today, and inspiration… well, inspiration was lacking a bit.  Funny how those two, urge and inspiration, rarely appear together for me.  I fumbled around the office for a few minutes – the lunch hour was quickly slipping by – and I found this black-and-white photo I’d doctored up of a guy I work with, Michael.  I enhanced it for contrast so that there wasn’t too much in the way of shades of grey.  Anyway, I thought I could do that in under an hour in the ol’ Moleskine.  My watercolor set doesn’t have black, so I went with the darkest color I had… brown.  Hell, there may even be a technical name for it… OK, hold on, I’ll find out…  “burnt umber”.  Of course!  Why shouldn’t I have known that?

So here it is, one simple, monochrome portrait of Michael.  (He doesn’t even know I’ve done this… shhhh…)

"Michael": Watercolor in Moleskine


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