The Tree

Another page from the latest sketchbook.  I thought maybe at one point that this would be something I’d want to do a painting a day in, but… it just ain’t gonna happen.  Not saying that nothing remarkable happened this weekend, because I was home, which was WONDERFUL, and what may be mundane to some, home life is certainly not mundane for me.  I love being with my family!  And especially this time of year.

So, what did happen this weekend was that we decorated the tree.  Honestly, I did nothing in the way of decorating.  Actually, Kelly did it all.  I was in charge of untangling the hooks for hanging ornaments with.  We put them into ziploc baggies and they’re a tangled mess by the time we break them out again.

The tree plumped up nicely after being released from the shackles of that fishnet plastic it came home in.  And, boy is it thirsty!  (On the side… since it’s been cut from it’s original root system, is it technically “dead”, or is the fact that I’m giving it water, and it’s still “drinking” allowing me to still call it “alive”?)  Anyway, I circled that tree for at least five minutes looking for something to paint in this sketchbook.  Nothing stuck out but this.  I’m not finished with it, but I don’t really know if I’ll ever finish it.  What the heck?  It’s a SKETCHBOOK!  I’m a damned nut!  Stupid perfectionist.  I swear!

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