Juniper Bonsai

I’ve been hesitant about putting this one out there.  Along the lines of simple brush work, much like the last post (as well as the link to the other one you can find there), this was done quickly during lunch.  I was going for extreme simplicity, trying to pare it down to the bare essentials, but seemed to get a little carried away in detail on the leaves, but not too much.  Not proud of it, but it’s not like I’m selling these, so who cares?  Plus, it’s in my sketchbook.  Maybe I’ll fill the whole book up with crud, then sell it all as one thing.  Nope, not gonna do that either.  I don’t do it to make a living anyway.  Hell, I’ve only ever sold one piece, and that was on ebay just to see if it would sell.  Not gonna get rich, for sure!  But I do love creating.

Watercolor in the Moleskine sketchbook


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