Red Gate

I saw this photo of a Japanese garden with this large, red gate along a pebbled path.  Very powerful image.  I love Japanese art and landscape.  I love the whole culture, actually.  This, done in my sketchbook with watercolor, is a take-off on a style I used on another image earlier on.  It’s fast and the forms and lines are intended to be suggestive.  Detail is not meant to be seen, but inferred.  I’m not too pleased with how this turned out, but it is only in a sketchbook, so nah!

Watercolor in Moleskine sketchbook

2 thoughts on “Red Gate

  1. lindahalcombfineart

    This is very nice. Maybe just a little bit too much detail but I’m with you because I love Asian brush & ink painting.

    1. msayers Post author

      Hey Linda. Thanks for the honest critique. I agree… too much detail. It didn’t turn out like I envisioned. I wanted the red gate to pop out from the black-and-white background, but… Oh well, it was a quickie – another lunch doodle. I think this will be one I want to have another go at. Thanks again, Linda.


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