I don’t know why I’m more prone to being creative while at work.  Lunch is like throwing a switch.  Shut the brain power down, and all kinds of fun, crazy, things come up.  This one is kind of crazy, huh?  I had to force myself to stop.  Prone to over-working things, I am.  It’s not supposed to be anything, just watercolor and ink.  No plan, just kind of went the way the brush and color wanted to go.  This, apparently, is what the universe wanted to do during lunch as me this afternoon.

Watercolor & ink on index card


8 thoughts on “Lunch

    1. msayers Post author

      Thanks again. Is your name Ann? Can I call you by your first name?

      I’m not brave enough to let myself be that creative with a blank piece of paper/canvas big enough to be considered real art. This is 4 x 6, I think. Maybe I could do 3 more and put them together in 1 larger piece.

      1. anhinga

        I’ve been blogging so long that my neck snaps when someone says “Anhinga.” So you can call me that or my real first name, Beda.

        Come on! Break out of your self-imposed shell and slap some paint on something larger. You can do it!

      2. msayers Post author

        Beda. What a neat name. I’m Mike. Very nice to “meet” you. 🙂

        Thanks for the confidence boost. I’ll give it a whirl sometime. Small pieces at work during lunch are all it seems I have time for. 3 young’ns at the house keep us really busy. My wife has been a big help, though. She’s bought me a plethora of art supplies, even some big canvases I’ve already messed up. Ha! I do love being creative though. Thanks for following me.

  1. zookyshirts

    I like this. Not sure why it works, but it does. Maybe the colors? The lines? Can’t put my finger on it. But I think it all works together nicely. Well done!

    1. msayers Post author

      Well, thank you very much, Zooky (Dave)! Hey, just checked out your site… funny! Very creative. Do you sell much with it?


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