Abstract Pastel: This Was Cool!

I’ve been in an experimental mood lately.  I had a stretched piece of watercolor paper, ready for some silly little something or another I had no ideas for.  It sat in the garage with the rest of my stuff, patiently waiting for me to attempt to mess it all up.  Lately, my son has been begging me to go into the garage to bang on the drums or sit on my motorcycle (the “see-sum” and “no-nose” respectively), and I’ve just been tooling around with my mess of art junk while he’s playing.  I’d toyed around with oil pastels and turpentine, and found a really cool technique from that.  I figured I’d try it with chalk pastels, and this is the result.  No plans, as with most everything else I do, but it all fell together into this… uhm…thing?  Hell, I don’t know, but I’ve seen things in galleries worse than this selling for thousands.  What the heck… I’ve got no job now, maybe I should pimp it out.  Anybody want it for say $5,000?  I’ll even frame it for ya!

Abstract Pastel

Abstract Pastel


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