The Pool

We were in the back yard watching our boy play, and I had brought the sketchbook along ’cause I had the itch.  Nothing much of interest is in our back yard; no trees, no water features, no flowers, just kind of bland.  But there’s our blue pool.  What the heck.  Here it is.

The Pool

The Pool

2 thoughts on “The Pool

  1. Jason

    Hmmm… this painting is funny to me because of the chemicals sitting on the ladder.. Man out of work.. but still the chemicals sit there.. With the leaf catcher hanging out of the side.. I also dig the shadow of the ladder..

  2. msayers Post author

    Oh yeah, that’s right… I’m not working, and the chemicals are sitting exactly where they were when I left them there in late Summer. Same with the leaf catcher. I suck, I know it. We’re actually talking about taking the damned thing down.


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