The Most Abstract

Visually, this isn’t much to look at.  Matter of fact, when I look at it now, it evokes “spikey” emotions and makes me feel tense.  This is really the first piece I’ve ever done that was tied to pure, raw emotion.  I hadn’t even intended on making this when I went into my “studio”.  I was very sad and very angry this day after receiving confirmation that we had lost a life that had managed to make it through the first 5 weeks of development.  The urge to do something was overwhelming, and I pulled out the first materials I got my hands on: Newsprint, Oil Paints, and Painting Knives.  I squeezed the oils directly on the newsprint and starting pulling and pushing the globs around the paper as my emotions directed.  It turned out to be exactly what I needed at the time; very therapeutic.  I share it now not because of its worth as “art”, but because of it’s direct link to my soul in an emotional day in my life.  Thanks for visiting.

Oil Abstract on Newsprint

Oil Abstract on Newsprint


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