The End is Nigh

So this is it, the last day of work for me.  I’ll be officially laid-off from my job after almost 14 years of blood, sweat, and tears.  It has been almost like awaiting death, and now the grim reaper has shown his face and is arching the scythe back for a final swing. Not sure how “normal” this is, but the Department of Labor was in here yesterday to give us all a run-down on what unemployment services were available. It was a nice gesture, or maybe they were merely just doing their jobs by being here. Either way, I hate to say it, but it was BORING! I tell you what, the government is unbelievably beurocratic, and chock full of forms and procedures. I think it’s easier to get a job than it is to go to the DOL and fill out endless forms and wait for approvals and what-not, even in this economy. At some point I stopped listening and started doodling. I always have a note pad, or something to draw on because I KNOW that if there’s a meeting to be held, I’m going to check out. The paper gives me something to shift my attention to and prevents me from standing up and rudely walking out on someone who’s just doing their job. Now, for the first time in 14 years, I’m unemployed. Hey, maybe I can go get a government job. I hear the FBI is hiring. How ’bout that? Special Agent Ayers… hmm… does kinda have a nifty ring to it, don’t it?

The last meeting doodle.

The last meeting doodle.


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