Sarah Palin’s Thermos

Oh not really.  I thought it might be neat to see how many visitors I’d get if I mentioned Sarah Palin’s name.  Heck, while you’re here, look around.  I like to draw, paint, play, etc.  Maybe this could open a whole new world for you.

This is another meeting doodle.  This particular meeting took over 2 hours.  I had nothing else to do, and no, I wasn’t drawing this for the entire 2 hours.  I slept some, too.  It didn’t intentionally start out as something I’d post, but what the heck?  It’s my lunch break, and I’m hardley surrounded by art here, so I figured I’d post it.  The color was added with a simple wash of watercolor pencils – not too delicately, I might add (but you can see that anyway, right?).  Enjoy the rest of your day!

Pen & Watercolor on Paper



7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Thermos

  1. msayers Post author

    It’s a pair of safety goggles. I work in a manufacturing plant. Thanks for the comment and, WOW! you really don’t like good ol’ Sarah, do you?

  2. Jennie

    I really like your drawings, and it’s good to see the pictures which you drew a few years ago. I’m trying a doodle a day project over at my blog to try to start myself off drawing – I’ve always been one of those people who says that I can’t draw, and I’d love to change that. With that in mind I plan to draw something…anything really, every day for a month and see if I can get an improvement in that time. Anyway, I’m here because I decided to look around WordPress to see whether I could get some inspiration from what other people have done. I’ll definitely be back here for some inspiration over the next couple of weeks!

  3. msayers Post author

    Thanks for visiting, Jennie! You know, I don’t think I draw very well, so I admire your bravery, and know what you must be feeling. If you have a deep desire to be creative, swing away. As long as you like doing it, the talent will come. I’ll check it out off ‘n on and make sure I say, “hey”.

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