Watercolor: A Bunch of Danged Apples

Well I don’t even know how to act!  I have a creative urge within me that bursts sometimes, and nothing ever comes out like I think it should.  I have a penchant for abstract painting.  Penchant may not even be a strong enough word.  I love the strength of feeling that comes with bold, abstract work.  It’s what I want to do when I paint.  It never happens that way, though.  For instance, this painting of a bunch of apples.  I wanted to paint… didn’t know what.  I found this magazine cover and thought it would be a neat thing to imitate.  So I broke out the watercolors and went to work while my daughter watched.  I’m not done with it, and I wonder if I ever will be.  I now want it to be perfect because it actually resembles a bunch of danged apples.  I can’t make this abstract.  Maybe impressionistic, but not abstract.  I want to throw paint on the canvas and feel the tension and stress involved with it.  I’m continuously held back by my incessent need to have it be perfect.  I sound like a nut case, huh?  Van Gogh-ish maybe.

Anyway, this is for Bill Jones (http://onpainting.wordpress.com).  Thanks for the push, Bill!

9"x12" Watercolor on Paper

Apples: 9"x12" Watercolor on Paper

6 thoughts on “Watercolor: A Bunch of Danged Apples

  1. wrjones

    Nah, you are not nuts. It is a journey to discover exactly who you are as a painter. I listened to a talk a few months back where the speaker said it takes the first 10 years to develop basic skills (generally by imitating others) then the next 10 you discover your own voice.

    There are beautiful paintings at every level of finish and representation, completely abstract, sort of like something, a good likeness, photoreal. Just enjoy the journey.

    I do recommend, where possible to attend a classical art school for basic drawing and painting techniques (the craft part of art). It is better to paint abstract because you like it and have control instead of because you have to.

  2. msayers Post author

    Interesting comment. I’ve always questioned my abilities and wondered if I was cut out for being an artist. Hell, I’ve been drawing since I was a child, but never thought enough of it to take it seriously. I did take some art classes in college, but got disallusioned by it because I found out there were rules. I didn’t think there should be rules to art, so I quit. That was in ’94, and I hadn’t done much of anything since.

    I’m amazed at artists that can paint photorealistically, and I’ll look at those paintings in extruciating detail, trying to figure out how they do it. But what really pulls me in is bold color, and crazy strokes. I get a sense of feeling from them, and wonder what the artist felt.

  3. valswyryn

    I never realized you have this talent! I love this painting most of all. I am too much of a perfectionist to loosen up & just let it flow. When I was in college I worked with a fine arts major. We used to kid back & forth about the fact she was in fine arts and I was in commercial art. She referred to me as an art whore. Funny…

    One of my friends is a master at photorealism, which is my favorite style. He lives in Jacksonville and has a storefront in San Marco. Check him out next time you’re home. His work is brilliant.

    Illustration is so therapeutic. I really need to pick up a brush or pen sometime. Keep up the good work!

  4. msayers Post author

    Thanks, Val! Holy crap… your friend’s work is phenomenal! My jaw dropped when I saw his paintings. Those are the most amazing photo-realistic paintings I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to quit! Unbelievable!

    1. msayers Post author

      Thanks Sandra! I haven’t posted anything in here in a while now. It seems I’ve lost my creative touch of late. I appreciate you leaving a comment!



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