Be Creative When the Mood Strikes

OK, I’ve got basically two windows of opportunity when I’m able to be creative.  One, when my son is napping – currently twice a day, and I only get to be here for that on the weekends, and two, after he’s put to bed in the evening.  This painting was started during number two.  I got the urge, but didn’t know what to draw/paint.  I broke out the watercolors because they’re the easiest for me and sat in the middle of my living room, back propped against the couch, then looked around for inspiration.  Across the room was this plant that’s served me for almost 8 years now.  Done!  I sketched the outline and went at it.  It took me many nights to touch up, and I’m still not completely satisfied with the “final” result.  As with anything I do, it could be classified as a work in progress.


Plant Still Life: 9"x12" Watercolor on Paper

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