Office art: Doodling in meetings

I doodle a lot while at work during meetings or phone conferences.  Below are some of my doodles since January this year…

This one was at my desk, and consists of my thermos (we have coffee here, but it’s horrendous, so I bring my own in), a coffee mug, pencil holder, and some paperwork.  I was on the phone with one of our suppliers during this one.

Desk doodle

Again, on the phone here.  This is my Logitech track-ball mouse.  I love this mouse!  It never has to move… yaaaaayyy!


This one is a pair of safety goggles laying on the table in front of me during a meeting.

Safety glasses

I was sitting kind of behind and next to this guy named Dwane in a meeting.  Everyone, meet Dwane!


Same room, different day – the desk (table) across the room from me.


The face was originally doodled without picking up the pen.  There’s a name for that style, I’m sure.  I just added to it until it got to this point.  This meeting was about transferring our equipment to Mexico… ick!



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