Pencil Drawing

There have been several close-up pictures of my son that I’ve loved.  This drawing is taken from one of those pictures.  Originally, this wasn’t intented to be a finished product, meaning something I would have kept.  I was doodling when it all of the sudden got serious.  The smaller drawing was all scribbles, and I erased as much as I could to make the bottom part look better, then ended up drawing on the scribbles to make them look good.  I could see somebody asking the meaning behind the smaller drawing and why they’re both seemingly encased in bubbles.  No meaning whatsoever… I had no statements to make.

My son

1 thought on “Pencil Drawing

  1. Aletha

    Hello Mike, I got your email and came back to look at your drawing. Well, first off, your son is really cute! You’re drawing from a photograph, yes? I guess as much because I know kids his age wiggle around a lot. I would draw him a lot using photos taken at different angles and then try drawing him later from life when he’s asleep. Or super fast sketch even when he’s not. He’ll be a great challenge! The drawings made from photos will help you learn the proportions of his face and make drawing him from life easier than it would be otherwise.
    You might also look at lots of drawings of children in art books — I’m thinking particularly of “famous” artist drawings like Rubens or Degas or all those baby Jesus drawings of the old masters. They’ll give you ideas about visual form that’s richer than what one gets from most “how to draw” sources.
    Wow, what a cutie!

    ps — it’s still looks like some of your pictures are loading though on other postings


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