This was an excersize in a “how to” drawing book that my wife got for me.  She gave me two of these books, and one day, while my infant son was sleeping, my daughter and I got one of these books each and spent a while drawing together.



One thought on “Drawing

  1. Aletha

    Hi, I wanted to comment on the drawing of your son, but I couldn’t see it. It won’t post on my computer.
    Meanwhile, what sort of comments do you want to get?
    Regarding this one of the pitcher and cup, my suggestion is that you put lots more things into your set up to complicate it. Right now, though the drawing is fine, you are seeing it in an illustrational way. I think you could get something more personal by a) working from life and by b) making it “harder” — more stuff to look at, more forms crossing each other, more things to have to sort out. In all that having to think about many things, you give your own personality more opportunity because the conventional answers are less available.
    Hope my comment was helpful.


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